About Gingersnap

About Gingersnap

If you want it formal: we’re a multi-disciplinary design business

Or maybe informal: whatever design you need, we can do it

Either way… We are your one stop shop for design from a new logo to retail interior

Design… that’s what we do. It’s the basis of our basis; the output, if you like.

For GSnap, though, there’s more to it than that. For us it’s all about business. Our designs will help you do business. That’s why we’ve built a reputation for developing innovative solutions based on what you actually need.

Let’s just think about that for a minute. To get to the right solution we have to understand what it is you’re trying to achieve, whatever the project. We’ll ask you some questions, throw some ideas at you and generally make sure we have everything we need. Really we’re creating the ‘design brief’… only it’s slightly less formal.

And (this is the bit where we blow our own trumpet) we’re really good at getting to the bottom of what you want from the thinnest of briefs from you. That means you can concentrate on business rather than worry getting together a perfect set of instructions for a designer.

After that it’s down to us. We’ll do our design bit. We’ll create your design, keeping you up to date every step of the way until your project is complete…. and if ‘complete’ means you need us to make one change or a hundred that’s fine. We will make sure you are 100% happy with the end result before we think of your project as ‘complete’.

Why work with us? Well only our clients can answer that question…


Access Hospitality
Cellular Pathology Services
Cornbank Lettings
Balerno Inn
Moz Murray
Izon Projects
Dram Communications
Highland Restaurant
LSM Architecture
Jim's Mowing
Walker Love
Glasgow Economic Leadership
Enhance Hospitality
Tax Assist Accountants
Direct Partners
St Andrew Estates
Sophie's Sparkles
Birth Baby and Beyound
Direct Tech
MHB Consultants
Sustainable FM
Access Procure Wizard
A Game
Lotte New York Palace
Athena Blinds
Northwood Hospitality
Donaldson Property
eSource Wizard
Find my mortgage
Scottish Parliament
Plumbing Pensions
Hartwood Net Zero
Girls with grit
Don Munro Photography
Master Blasters

The hollywood organisational model.

There is actually something called the Hollywood Organisational Model… no, really there is.


So here goes with a history lesson in just slightly less than 300 words.

In the heyday of film making in the USA, studios were all powerful.  The studios financed a film.  They owned the actors and actresses (almost literally).  The script writers, directors and producers all worked exclusively for the studio.  Sound and special effects were produced in house.  The studios even owned chains of cinemas.

Their influence on and power over public opinion was absolutely enormous.

The government in Washington became worried about this state of affairs… the studios were so powerful and dictated so much public opinion that they were a real threat to the politicians.  Legislation was passed to break up the studios and to limit their power forever.

Now when a film is made there will be a small group of people, often a director and producer who act as a project team.  They will commission a script and raise finance by ‘pitching the idea’.  Once they’ve secured finance they will hire actors (who are now self-employed).  They will bring together an orchestra, special effects teams and a marketing company.

When the film is finished the group (or project team) that was brought together to make the film, breaks up, never to come together in exactly the same format again… and there you have the essence of the Hollywood Organisational Model.

That’s exactly how we work at GSnap.  Sometimes it’s just Colin because a new logo is needed.  Sometimes it’s a new website that needs some design and new words.  On other occasions it’s a full re-brand…

Whatever’s needed we bring together the right team to make it happen.

Colin Stewart


Creative Director

Chief cook, bottle washer and all round big boss.  (Not that the rest of the team believe that). 

Colin is the creative heart of the business.  Ideas are his thing… for example, he has the idea that he’s young, trendy and exciting to be with.  See what we mean?  What an imagination!

Colin has many, many years design experience.  He is creative and innovative.  His designs are clean, fresh and all of them deliver a message.



Digital Partner

Digital Partner?  That was Lee’s idea.  We think it’s because he wants what he does to be all mysterious and sexy.

But, if you’re anything like us, ‘Digital Partner’ might need some explanation.  Quite simply Lee looks after the mechanics that makes a website work.  For example, if you need an online shop, Lee will build it for you… and then Colin will make it look sexy.

His website design is seamless and work brilliantly well with Colin’s designs.



Graphical Guru

Quite the title! Graphical Guru. But put simply it really does sum up Damian.

Damian really embraces the ‘snap’ culture of reacting quickly.  If it is not hard enough to translate one of Colin’s design briefs, imagine Scottish being your second language. I’m sure there will be quite a bit of head scratching behind closed doors but Damian manages to nail the translation perfectly everytime producing innovative well thoughtout graphics.

His creative nature and ability to find a solution to every problem we throw at him gives him is ‘guru’ title.




Mainly spending, it has to be said… but she deserves it.  Shona is the backbone of the business and helped fund it way back in the mists of time when we first started this journey we seem to have found ourselves on.

More importantly than all that, though, Shona is the ‘Ginger’ of GingerSnap design… for which we are eternally grateful.  After all, AuburnSnap Design just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Shona looks after the day to day running of the office, accounts and keeps us straight telling us off if we get our expenses wrong.  Without Shona we’d all be a lot poorer

Let’s have a chat

Conversation always helps us understand so let’s have a chat about what you need. Just give us a call to arrange a time to meet up… it just might be the start of a beautiful relationship (or at least some beautiful design).