What does Gingersnap do?

Hand us a problem and we’ll give you a solution

Me, me, me… it’s all about me. Well, come to GSnap and it will be all about YOU…


Someone (who was trying to sell us something we could easily have done without) once said to us: Here’s the solution I’m offering you. Now, what’s your problem?

Well, okay, they may not have said it in as many words but pretty much that’s what they meant. And it’s so often the case. Someone will try to sell you something that doesn’t quite fit because, well, to put it bluntly, that’s all they have to sell you.

Things are different at GSnap.

We have the breadth of skills and the depth of knowledge to deliver genuine solutions that will actually do what you want them to.

There are a couple of things we do to make sure we live up to this somewhat bold claim. Firstly, we really get to the bottom of what you are trying to achieve. Of course, you may have a fairly clear idea of how that might be made to happen. Sometimes, though, you may know what you want but have no idea about the route you need to take.

We’ll talk to you, listen to you, tease out your ideas, clarify what you want to happen and then, only then, will we get to work on the solution.

Secondly, as we’re working on your project we’ll keep talking to you… again for a couple of reasons. We want to keep you up to date on the work we’re doing together so we get your creative input, design decisions, thoughts and ideas. But also because we want to get to know you better… after all, it is all about relationships at the end of the day.

Company Branding

Your brand is priceless but do you maximise its value?

For most people the first thing they’ll notice about you and your business is your logo and how you present yourself to the world.

Of course, you need them to learn more about you but first you must grab them and entice them in to your world. That’s what branding does for you and that’s what GSnap will do for your brand.



Whether it’s your online shop or a digital brochure your website is your window on the world…

…and you never know who’s looking in.

Building the perfect is not a ‘one size fits all’ type of exercise. The way your website is to work, what it’s to achieve and how it’s to look is as individual as you are… and so is our service.

You might need a simple re-fresh of logo and imagery and we can help you with that. At the other end of the scale you may be creating a brand new online shop with advanced customer features and we can certainly help you with that: from the technicalities, to the design to the words your customers will read.

Whatever you need, GSnap has the service…

Gingersnap is a small, sociable and prolific design consultancy


Inspired, unique and creative design ideas

Once we know what you want people to think when they interact with your business we’ll get to work on creating the graphics that really get the message across in a succinct way, that’s easy to understand and will really communicate the essence of what you’re all about.

Our graphic design will quite simply help your business stand out from the crowd… For us it’s more than simply creating a ‘funky design’ (although we’ll do that, too); it’s about getting the design right so it expresses who you are and what your customers can expect when they work with you.

From our perspective, whether your company is large or small makes no difference. What we do look for in client relationships is some understanding of, and appreciation for, good design and the value this can bring.

Print design

Layout, margins and colours… all these things are important; but there’s more to print design.

You can send pretty much any document off to the printer and they’ll print it for you… after all, it’s what they do. It has to be said, though, some things look good in print and other things look… well, less good.

Give the docs you want printed to GSnap and, of course, we’ll make sure they’re formatted in the right way for the printer – we’ll talk to them directly about it too.

But we’ll do so much more than that. We’ll take your original ideas and turn them into something eye catching, memorable and professional. It’ll fit in with your brand, too.

Access Hospitality Printed Brochure


Stunningly effective interior design that does what you need it to

True to the way GSnap works the first thing we’ll do is get to know you, your business and what you want to achieve. Then and only then will we get to work on creating the perfect space for you.

You can be sure of our experience in creating an environment that is both desirable and does what you need it to, whether it’s you shop which encourages shoppers to stay (and therefore spend more) or your own bedroom with storage that makes the very best use of space.

Our portfolio of work includes shops, restaurants, offices, hotels all the way through to private homes.

Services include:

Interior design I Space planning I 3D Visualisation

Manufacture / Technical design I Photo visualisations

Planning / advertising consent drawings

Access Hospitality

“I’ve worked with Gingersnap Design for 5+ years and always found them to be professional, efficient, and creative.

Colin always takes a collaborative approach, listens to feedback and pushes on to get the best design results. We’ve always been pleased with the consistent high quality design he produces for us.“

Lynn Jones
Access Hospitality

Let’s have a chat

Conversation always helps us understand so let’s have a chat about what you need. Just give us a call to arrange a time to meet up… it just might be the start of a beautiful relationship (or at least some beautiful design).