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Ever thought about what a brand actually is or does?

We have… in fact we think about very little else.

Your brand is actually the sum total of the impressions people (whether they are customers, potential customers or suppliers) have of your business.

And the impressions they form will come from things as simple as the way you answer the ‘phone all the way through to the complexities of whether people enjoy the interactions they have with you.

Of course, one of the first impressions people will have of your business is the way it looks; the visual image, the logo, the website, the company brochure… and it only takes 30 seconds to form a first impression.

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“Gingersnap design and specifically Colin have been a key driver and facilitator in driving my start-up business forward. Colin is the type of chap who I throw random ideas at, he filters the good from the mad and then adds the bells and whistles that give my promotions and products maximum impact and engagement.”

Ben Watson
The Balerno Inn

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