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Your premises are essentially your shopfront. Excuse the pun! Implementing your brand onto your building or premises can create and enhance your business presence. We have designed and installed graphics from small stickers and directional signs through to large billboards and back lit ‘halo’ building signage.

A vehicle – car or van – can be left plain with no graphics. But think about it in these terms.  A vehicle provides a business with free advertising space which constantly moves around the market place. Of course, just about everyone has caught on to this fact and so vehicle design has to be outstanding to get noticed. Enter GSnap: we have designed graphics for Smart cars and 35 foot articulated lorries.  Some customers want subtle, others something more ‘colourful’.

It’s kind of a catch all statement because ‘marketing support’ means different things to different customers. Under this heading we have completed projects as diverse as designing PowerPoint presentations or Pop-up exhibition display banners to designing graphics for social media campaigns.

Someone once said that a picture tells a thousand words – and it’s doubly true with video.  Given a choice between text and video most people will watch the video first and then read text for more in depth information… assuming the video has floated their boat, of course!

GSnap can produce full live action videos or take existing promotional documents and convert them to video using existing imagery, adding more visuals to build up the story where necessary… we can even add the voiceover if needed.

A popular video based device in both the UK and US is to create an animation which walks the viewer through a process.

Whatever support you need to keep your brand consistency, talk to us and we’ll work with you to make it happen.

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I highly recommend Gingersnap. Creative, supportive, action oriented and deadline driven. He’s been on this journey with me for more than 15 years, keeping our brand  current, relevant, consistent, competitive & impactful.

Colin cares about my brand & design as much as I do and I thank him for that.

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