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A retail space needs to lead customers through it, telling them a story as they go… a story which will encourage them to buy. 

A display area, such as a museum, creates an environment in which people feel comfortable to stop, look and think about what’s being presented to them. We understand this and have used this understanding on many project in the past.  Our experience is our great strength and we’d love to find out more about your project.

A building creates a space and what goes into that space is called interior design.  Interiors will need to do different things: a retail space has to keep shoppers engaged and encourage them to buy, a museum or display needs to guide visitors to attractions usually in a particular order and so on. We understand this and has the experience to design, manage and install your interior, whether it’s a new build, a change of use or a refurb.

Designers are a funny bunch… we see things in 3D without the need for fancy software and we always think that everyone is the same. Of course, that’s not true, and so we design 3 dimensionally and have the software to show clients what the end product will look like. Sometimes people, whether it’s customers or their clients’ need to see the finished product before it’s, well, finished! Visualisation is the process of taking an existing photograph and changing it using Photoshop.  Visualisation is often a quicker and easier process that creating a 3D model when, for example, a customer wants to see the effect of changing the colour of a shop front.

Space planning in the office environment is very important for a number of reasons: to stay within the law but also make the space a pleasant place to work, efficient and comfortable and reflective of the business’s personality. We can do this for you, working with you to understand what you need and then creating the interior space plans that match your needs.

Technical Design is our spiritual home, our origin if you like. GSnap was effectively born working with a joinery manufacture business turning architects plans into physical ‘stuff’.  Things like bars, reception desks, windows and doors. It was an excellent grounding and we still enjoy this work.


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“Wow… If I had to describe Gingersnap design in a few words….. Responsive, Professional, Hardworking, Innovative. Gingersnap integrate with my staff and understand my business, offering up creative thinking that works for us. Every penny I have spent with Gingersnap is money well spent! “

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