Often the first real interaction a potential customer has with your business is when they find your website.

Whether it’s your online shop or a digital brochure your website is your window on the world… and you never know who’s looking in.

Building the perfect is not a ‘one size fits all’ type of exercise. The way your website is to work, what it’s to achieve and how it’s to look is as individual as you are… and so is our service.

You might need a simple re-fresh of logo and imagery and we can help you with that. At the other end of the scale you may be creating a brand new online shop with advanced customer features and we can certainly help you with that: from the technicalities, to the design to the words your customers will read.


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Gingersnap is a small, sociable and prolific design consultancy

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Print Design

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“I’ve worked with Gingersnap for years. They really get to know you, your staff and your business, coming up with marvellously creative ideas”.

John Jolly

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